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A Must-Visit This Summer: Maialino Mare

May 1, 2020

Perfect for a dinner date or celebratory meal, Maialino Mare is a recently-opened Roman-style trattoria featuring fish and seafood pastas.  The restaurant features the impressive team of Executive Chef Rose Noel, General Manager Morgan Dillon, Beverage Director David Metz, and Executive Pastry Chef Saber Rejbi.

Following its New York City “coastal sister,” Maialino, the trattoria offers a wide array of dishes. Its menus showcase a coffee bar, breakfast, brunch, lunch, cicchetti (small plates), dinner, dessert, and beverage options. These highlight high-quality ingredients from local sources, creating seasonal foods and drinks like fan favorites torta della nonna, zucca, and cacio e pepe. Whether you stop by for an early coffee or a dinner to complete your day, you’re bound to find something delicious headed to your table.

In the Navy Yard near Nationals Park, Maialino Mare also shows a unique side to business with its revenue share system.  Using this system, menu items cost ever-so-slightly more to increase wages across the staff.  Because of this, tips are neither expected nor necessary—and both the front of house and back of house team receive equitable earnings.

To view their full menu or learn more about this restaurant, visit