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Enjoy the Spring Sunshine at Yards Park

May 15, 2020

It’s getting warmer outside, who else can’t wait to get outside and explore after so many months indoors? One of the best spots to explore in the city is Yards Park, which is not your average public space by any means. It’s beautifully architected with a balance of green space, water features and historic buildings that belong to the adjacent Washington Navy Yard. One of the favorite features of many park-goers is the dancing fountains that welcome you to the area. The water jets overlook a shallow pool and they provide the perfect misting on a hot day. Sometimes you’ll even find people wading in the pool to cool down when the warmer months arrive!

During the summer months we can look forward to special events they typically host like movie nights and music festivals. Dreaming of those nights for now, but can’t wait for the summer fun to begin!