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Kitchen Bare at The Lockwood? Restock at Whole Foods Foggy Bottom

July 29, 2020

Freshly baked loaves of bread. Organic and local produce. All-natural bath and beauty products. Whole Foods Market has them all, and much more. There’s a reason the store has earned a reputation as a go-to for healthy groceries! It stocks the same variety of items as larger markets, but always with a focus on careful curation of top-notch goods.

So instead of spending your time at the market sifting through subpar options to find the one you want, Whole Foods does all the hard work for you. You can then spend your time whipping through the grocery list and moving on to more exciting parts of your day! Pick up everything from prepared foods and produce to pantry staples, eggs, and dairy at Whole Foods Market. You can also grab takeout from the in-house eateries, including Foggy Bottom Burger, Foggy Bottom Pizza, and WFM Coffee Bar.