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Out of Pet Supplies at The Lockwood? Restock at Unleashed by Petco

August 28, 2020

Unleashed by Petco is ready to overhaul your furry best friend’s diet. The supply chain recently reviewed all of the food and treats, and removed anything with artificial ingredients. With all the recent focus on health and wellness, perhaps it’s time to think about what your dog or cat has been eating. Stop at Unleashed by Petco and take a look. The knowledgeable staff is there to help, and can recommend a science-based diet that will have your pet living their best life. Add to that all of the toys, comfort items, and accessories your four legged friend loves, and Unleashed by Petco is your one stop shop for all of your needs. The Navy Yard location also offers in-store services like the do it yourself dog wash, dog training, and pet insurance. For being in the middle of a busy metro area, these services are hard to find and even more valuable for busy pet owners. Find Unleashed by Petco on Tingey Street, just a block away from The Yards Park.