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Bammy’s Serves a Taste of the Islands Near The Lockwood

October 31, 2020

Despite COVID-19, we have a lot of amazing spots opening around town, and one that you must try is Bammy’s. This incredible restaurant in the Navy Yard is serving up Caribbean-inspired fare with every bite tasting like a vacation. Their goal is to transport you to a street food stall, a crowded Caribbean table, or a colorful festival in each plate because that is where their menu inspiration originated from. 

Jerk and curry dishes are their main staples. Their jerk chicken or pork shoulder is super succulent and well-seasoned, served aside true Caribbean rice and peas and stewed cabbage. The curries are shrimp made with creamy coconut milk and okra, goat made with potatoes and carrots, and veggie. Each base is different and super flavorful. Get a side of the cornmeal fry bread for a perfect addition. If you want a complete meal you have to try their tropical rum punch – now that will transport you to the Caribbean. 

Right now they are offering dine-in (reservations encouraged), along with takeout and delivery options. Their online order process is super simple and can be found right on the website.