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Have Vietnamese Fare for Brunch at Doi Moi, Now Open Near The Lockwood

October 30, 2020

The Cardozo neighborhood has so many great restaurants, so to stand out, new offering Doi Moi has a little bit of everything the locals love. It starts with a truly different menu of Vietnamese street food, from house favorites like shaken beef and braised pork riblets, to steamed buns, curries, and more. But Doi Moi also offers fresh pressed juices and specialty coffee drinks – a lovely alternative to other spots in the area that don’t have such a wide variety of flavorful beverages. You can also treat Doi Moi as a happy hour hot spot, with plenty of cocktails and signature moonshine infusions in fruit flavors like guava or pineapple. 

Plus, Doi Moi’s small plates make for great drink companions. And if there was one thing that DC can never have enough of, it’s brunch spots! Doi Moi offers weekend brunch with the same Vietnamese flair in dishes like a breakfast banh mi or crispy rice crepes. Find this new eatery right on 14th Street, and be sure to make a reservation to reserve your spot.