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There’s More Than Just Seafood at Oyster Oyster

December 18, 2020

Don’t be misled by the name of Oyster Oyster and think you’re going to find a cool raw bar or seafood only restaurant. This establishment has a lovely oyster presentation, sure, but puts the rest of their effort into the humble yet delicious vegetable. And with the pandemic changing the way we dine out, Oyster Oyster has been quick to change their serving model. They still offer limited outdoor seating if you’d like to eat onsite, but now you can preorder a multi-course meal before you visit for speedier service. Take-out is an option as well, and Oyster Oyster has a vegetarian spin on the Southern meat and three dinner with plenty of smoke and spice. Or you can book a two hour time slot in the Oyster Garage for four dozen of their fresh Chesapeake oysters, four veggie pizzas, and drinks for you and up to five guests. 

This is our new normal, and Oyster Oyster is doing a phenomenal job of finding new ways for you to enjoy their cuisine. Visit the website to see the dining options, and to book your experience now!