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Now Open Near The Lockwood: Taqueria Las Gemelas

May 30, 2021

Las Gemelas means ‘twin girls’ in Spanish, which makes it the perfect moniker for the new upscale dining concept of the same name in the Union Market District. There, you’ll find two restaurants, Las Gemelas Mexican Cocina and Taqueria Las Gemelas. And while the former is fabulous (and difficult to get a table at), Taqueria Las Gemelas is the more relaxed and easy to access sister that you’ll want frequent as often as possible. 

Enjoy slow roasted meat piled high atop the taqueria’s signature heirloom corn tortillas, either as a taco or quesadilla. Taqueria Las Gemelas keeps their menu short and sweet, but each item is exceptional, especially when being chased by a handcrafted margarita. You can also shop the restaurant’s pantry for jarred mole sauces and your own take-home tortillas for quick and easy weeknight meals.

Find Taqueria Las Gemelas by the left entrance to La Cosecha. Use the handy ordering window to stay outside, or visit the website for pick-up or delivery options.