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Order Takeout Tonight From Duccini’s Pizza

June 29, 2021

Grab a slice of expertly crafted pizza at an adorable Italian retreat located conveniently in SE Washington D.C. and be completely amazed. At Duccini’s Pizza you are treated like a long lost relative everytime you walk in the door, and then presented with some of the finest Italian food in the city. 

Although most famous for their authentic Italian style pizza, they also offer up delicious cheesesteaks, fried wings and other appetizers, crisp green salads and both lamb and chicken gyros. Some customers say that their cheesesteaks are even a contender to the famous Philadelphia cheesesteaks you get one state over! 

At Duccini’s Pizza you can now order online or over the phone and get your food via take-out or delivery and expect a speedy turnover time, even amidst the pandemic. So get yourself some good, Italian food tonight and fill your tummy with food it will love.