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Book a Tasting Tour of District Winery

July 30, 2021

It’s rare you’ll find a winery in a city. But District Winery is an urban winery that’s just as rave-worthy as your favorites in Loudoun County. Situated on the waterfront in the Navy Yard, this one-of-a-kind spot is begging for you to come in to tour and taste!

They offer tours of the winery so you can get a real feel for how they produce some bold, impeccable wines right in the center of D.C. Tours are offered at set times throughout the week, so if this is something you’re really looking forward to you’ll want to plan accordingly. They’re $35 a person and include a wine tour and wine tasting. If this is a date night activity, book their date night package! It’s $100 per couple and includes a tour, wine tasting, a dinner reservation, plus two glasses of wine to cheers to a lovely evening. Perfect for a first date if you’re looking to impress! 

If you’re just thinking about making a reservation to enjoy a meal or some apps and savor the wine, that’s a great idea too. They have a flights and bites menu offered Monday through Thursday that’s $35 and includes a wine flight with four of their varietals and two appetizers like grilled cheese, fried brussels sprouts with honey and rosemary, shrimp salad with red curry aioli, or spiced cauliflower with fennel.