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Start With the Cheese Mochi at Kaiju Ramen

January 28, 2022

There’s a new ramen spot in town! Kaiju Ramen, a ramen house in Capitol Hill, has been open just over a month now and is earning rave reviews for their steaming bowls of ramen-y goodness. So, what makes their ramen different? They simmer each and every one of their broths for 10 hours in-house. And each bowl is filled to the brim with noodles that are handmade every day. Each bowl is fresh and handmade with love. No processed foods, preservatives, or unwelcome chemicals in sight. 

Favorites so far are the spicy tonkatsu ramen featuring pork belly, thick noodles, cabbage, bean sprouts, and egg, and the Tokyo-style ramen with pork and chicken broth, thick noodles, menma scallions, egg, naruto, slow-cooked chashu, and nori. If you want to go big, try the Wagyula Ramen. Yes, it’s what it sounds like, Wagyu ramen. The bowl is filled with this glorious cut of meat, as well as beef, pork, chicken, and gold flakes.

Beyond the ramen, they also have a delicious lineup of warm appetizers that you definitely have to try. The cheese mochi and pan-fried gyoza are delectable.