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Why Bozzuto


Your new Capitol Hill apartment in DC is more than a building, it’s your home, your community. It’s where your days begin and end, where your neighbors become your friends, and where you’re free to relax and be yourself.

That’s why The Lockwood is managed by Bozzuto, a company that’s driven by, anticipating your needs in order to surprise and delight you at every turn. We’re determined to simplify your life to create a great place to live, a place where you belong.

Our residents have spoken and they’ve decided—for six years in a row—that Bozzuto Management Company is the #1 Property Management Company in the nation based on online ratings and reviews.

Bozzuto is focused on delivering an extraordinary experience for you. From our concierge at the front desk to our leasing and maintenance teams, below is our commitment to you and your community.

Because You Belong
“Welcome home” isn’t just something we say, it’s our commitment. We’re here for you. We strive to meet your needs, simplify your life and delight you in ways that make the everyday memorable. With Bozzuto, your home is your sanctuary.
Because You Aspire For
Our work connects with people on an emotional level – through brands, places, and experiences. From local startups to global chains, neighborhood restaurants to city blocks, our work is visionary yet relevant, innovative yet authentic. Our experts come together across studios and lead clients down uncommon paths to uncommonly great success. – See more at
Because Your Experience Is Everything
Our purpose is to provide great homes for our residents and compelling spaces for our retailers, create value for our investors, and give back to our communities. We aim to deliver thoughtfully crafted buildings that become integral to their neighborhoods.